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Your Destination For Quality Refurbished VHS/DVD Players and Recorders

Have you ever asked yourself, "Do they still make VHS players"? Well, the answer is no! Nobody makes a home VCR anymore. Many home video and VCR products are disappearing from the market. We at Electrovid, your specialist supplier of refurbished VHS players and recorders, make sure you will be able to play your favorite classic movies and listen to old music whenever you want.

We know how difficult it is to buy refurbished electronics, especially VHS players and recorders. Many of the products are impossible to find. Even if you are lucky to find the products, there is no guarantee they will work. We are the only retailer that sells premium Brand VHS players and recorders. From basic VHS players to VHS/ DVD combo, we have every product you wished to purchase at the best possible price.

Do you still have piles of old VHS tapes lying around? Well, it’s difficult to let go of them as they are rare and cherished moments of your past. To convert your VHS tapes to digital and to enjoy them at maximum quality for years to come, we provide VHS to DVD players. There are various advantages of converting VHS tapes to digital like:
 •Digital videos don’t get worse with age.
 •You can store video files for long.
 •Converted VHS tapes are compatible with all media devices.

In addition to the VHS to DVD players, other products you will find at our online store include:
 •Video players and recorders
 •Combo DVD recorders
 •Combo players
 •SCART to HMDI devices
 •Sky+HD box
 •Video players
 •FREEVIEW and FREESAT recorders

Why choose us?

We aim to be the primary platform where customers can purchase premium quality refurbished products for the best price. Now, you might be thinking other websites also sell refurbished premium Brand VHS players and recorders, then why choose our platform. Here are some reasons why you should purchase products from our store:
 •All Products pass through an extensive refurbishment process including, internal inspection, deep cleaning, and head/lense cleaning.
 •All our products come with a comprehensive 90 days RTB warranty with an option to extend it to 12 months.
 •We provide an expansive range of models and makes of each product to make a choice easy for our customers.
 •We follow a strict code of conduct to provide quality service to customers.
 •So, to get that added peace of mind and to purchase your favorite home VCR and DVD recorders, get in touch with us!

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