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The memories in the VHS tapes are still intact, and the wish to see them all again is unimpaired too.

For quite a long time, VCRs in the homes were the source of entertainment. People use to record the videos, TV shows, sports matches and kept them to watch later. The VCRs players were a staple appliance of almost every house. However, as the DVD players, HDMI systems, and others came into...

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When DVDs first arrived, they seemed no less than wonder to users. Users were happy; they could watch movies, record data, share data, and backup important data. But with the advent of new storage technologies, DVDs didn’t remain mainstream technology. However, people still have DVDs that they want to watch...

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Those who grew up in the age of Netflix might not be aware of what SCART is. But, suddenly, out of the blue, your granny or dad requested you to play the old VCR tape on HD TV, and you don’t have the slightest idea how the heck in this...

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