For quite a long time, VCRs in the homes were the source of entertainment. People use to record the videos, TV shows, sports matches and kept them to watch later. The VCRs players were a staple appliance of almost every house. However, as the DVD players, HDMI systems, and others came into existence, the use of the VHS tapes gradually slowed, and now, almost is at the extinction stage. 

Well, as the VCR players are not much used now, the memories in the VHS tapes are still intact, and the wish to see them all again is unimpaired too. So, here are different VCR video player types, all the seven are explained one by one. You can read them all, choose the one you want for your home, and playback all the lovely memories. 

1. Panasonic DMR-E55 DVD Recorder

This is the fully refurbished VCR players, which with the VCR to DVD recording, player, and dubbing, also clears its dust to get you a clear image. 

When it comes to the brands, Panasonic is one of the most reliable and famous brands you can use for the home. The features it has are:

  • Hi-fi Stereo Sound
  • 4+ Heads for clearer display
  • Fast Rewind
  • Smart Engine Motor
  • Auto Head Cleaning  
  • Auto Tracking  
  • Format – NTSC VHS PAL Standard

2. Bush DVRHS01 VCR & DVD Recorder

To get HD videos, the best sound from any format, recording, and HD flicker-free image choose this system. From VCR to HD screen, this system can make a tremendous difference. 

  • It has a DVD recorder and a built-in 
  • Supports DVD, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD-RW media type 
  • It recognizes data formats, including MP3, JPEG, and can record on DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, VHS Cassette.
  • Hi-fi stereo VCR
  • Support for CD, MP3, and JPEG formats
  • Transform VHS/VCR videotapes to DVD in one-touch dubbing.
  • It has flicker-free images from DVD output on HD and HD-ready screens.
  • VCR Plus+ (C3) simplifies DVD/VCR advanced programming.

3. Samsung DVD-VR470 VCR/DVD Combi Recorder With Freeview

The Samsung model for the home does not only help to play the VHS tape or record them, but you can have the Freeview connection as well, which makes the entertainment easier and accessible. They are great in look and fantastic in features!

  • MPEG2 DVD recording with the 2 channel audio
  • Recording formats of VHS, DVD-RAM, DVD-R (DL), DVD-RW are supported
  • With MPEG2 format, up to 8 hours of recording 
  • Present capacity is of 99 channels
  • Twin recording with DVD and VCR
  • It has an inbuilt  VCR video player 
  • Playback format it supports are DVD, DVD-RW, DVD-R, MPEG4, DVD+RW, DVD+R, CD, JPEG, CD-R, VHS, MP3, CD-RW 

4. LG RC68227 Combo Recorder

Well, if you are looking for a system that has versatile qualities and many features in it, then this LG system is most suitable for you, as the features and things it has to serve are great.

  • Built-in TV tuner
  • Auto black-cut dubbing from VHS to DVD
  • Built-in Dolby digital decoder
  • Recordable formats it supports are DVD-RAM, VHS HiFi Stereo, DVD-R, DVD-RW
  • HD video outputs
  • 8 hours of recording time
  • Friendly with home-theatre 

5. Sony RDR-VX450 VCR & DVD Combi Recorder with HDMI

Sony is a brand that is known by every child out there. This Sony system with supporting many DVD formats, it can also provide the HDMI outputs. These VCRs Players are best to be used as they are really of the premium quality and some of the best systems. 

  • 1080i up-scaling HDMI output
  • Record and play on a wide variety of DVDs including DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL (Double Layer)
  • For digital footage video, it provides I Link camcorder connection
  • Plays the videos from (JPEG) and audio (MP3) files from a CD or DVD
  • DivX playback.


6. Funai DRVR-B778 VHS/DVD Combo Recorder

This Funai system makes the functaility and the working of the systems quite easy and secure with the auto-eject and other safety features. 

  • It is a player that has a combination of VHS & DVD player
  • Easy to set up
  • Complete VHS functionality
  • To prevent from getting stuck, it has an auto-eject system.
  • It has a remote control. 


7. Philips DVDR3320 DVD/VCR Combo Recorder

Philips VCR is a Premium Brand VCR for the home, as it not only provides a lot of features but also has been into the market for a long time. They are reliable to use. 

  • It has an infrared remote control
  • It provides with 90 dB Dolby digital output and supports the virtual surround mode.
  • Provides with stereo sound
  • It comes with a progressive scan function
  • It has parental control to prevent kids from watching unauthorized content.

These are some premium brand VCR players, DVD recorders, and systems with many other features. Though all of them are great, you can choose a relative one for you according to your needs and requirements.