The kids after 1995 might not have handled a VHS tape and VCR system. But the ones who have handled them, know what impatience and what being patient felt like. How people had to wait for the entire video to rewind and then stop to see if that video part started from where we wanted to see it. And then again forwarding it, if we wanted to skip the ads or some scenes! Those were the days when family often sat together to watch a movie or a show that one member recorded in a premium brand VHS player at home to view it on the weekend. Those were the golden days for many. Abide by the thing that the picture quality was not so good; the togetherness of family and enjoying the real-time was everything. 



Only If People Knew That This Digitization Would Wave Off The VCRs & VHS Tapes:

The VHS came in the 1970s, and since then, they were the hypes in the market. 

The VHS tapes took over the market and got famous very soon. As these VHS tapes were inexpensive, every person had the ability to afford the same. The movies started to get released on the premium brand VHS tapes. There were educational institutions, which started to get the important lectures recorded in the VHS tapes. Also, the VHS tapes were not just for the movies or and lectures to get recorded. The marriages, ceremonies, and many other functions were recorded on the same, and almost every home had VHS players.

Even today, there are many libraries, traditional museums, renounced educational centres, and other old places, where there is a giant stock of these VHS tapes. Every single place has a different thing in VHS tapes, but they do not have the VHS players, in which they could play these tapes. 

The VHS players were there in the market for 25 long years, when no other types of recorders, players, or tapes were there. Then after 1995, the inventions of the DVD systems and Blu-ray discs after 2000 came into being. Though the VHS systems were so deeply rooted in the market, the DVDs and Blu-ray systems replaced the VHS tapes and players very hastily. As soon as these systems came, the directors stopped to release their movies in the VHS tapes. The lectures stopped to get recorded in the VHS tapes anymore, and they were recorded on DVDs. Also, the ceremonies, functions, marriages all the things started to get recorded in the DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. 

As this happened very quickly, it took no years to get switched from VHS to DVDs. Very few people could save VHS players. And even the ones who tried to save them, now most of them do not have the systems in working condition. Also, as the market has less or you can say no bend towards the VHS tapes and VHS player industry, at, we have the premium brand VHS players for you. 

We understand the pain of many, who have kept and stored the VHS tapes under their beds, and in the boxes in their storerooms, in the hope that they can view those videos again one day. So, for all of them, we have brought premium brand VHS players. 

The Migration From VHS To VHS Or VHS TO DVD

As the entire market has jumped from the VHS tapes to the DVDs, and other digital storage formats, there was no option for the people left to buy VHS players when they broke down. As there were no systems available in the market!

But now provides you with this option to get a new system that is the VHS player to DVD. 

Now, there are two types of migrations:

Analogue To Analogue - In this system, the video is recorded from the old VHS tape to the new VHS tapes. This is the analogue to analogue transfer. 

Analogue To DVD (Digital disc storage format) - So, now, if you want to transfer the video from the VHS to the DVD, this will be called as the analogue to digital migration. You can convert the video from the VHS to the DVD through the VHS to the DVD player. This migration of the video will completely change the format of the video.

Which Migration Is Best?

Well, as you already have one VHS tape, there is no point in getting the video transfer from the VHS tape to the VHS tape again. If you ask for the best option of migrating the video, then it is the VHS to DVD that is analogue to digital migration. This is the best option because if you transfer the VHS video to the VHS again, then access to the information will be very limited as only one player can play that VHS tape. 

So, if you get the video transferred and stored in the digital storage format, then it has various platforms, where it can be accessed from. You can use any laptop, computers, DVD player, or other systems to view the video. There are more benefits of getting the premium brand VHS to the DVD player and get the VHS’s video transferred in the digital format. See what the benefits are:

- There will be no quality loss.

- You can access the videos from anywhere at any time on any system.

- Ones you got the video converted into digital storage, there are no restrictions on sharing them. You have no restriction over the mass sharing option as well.

- Ones the video is copied in the digital format, it is not considered as duplicate. Instead, it is considered only as of the original!

- You do not have to have a cassette to play or share the video. You can directly send the videos or other information through any electronic media that is through the mail, WhatsApp, or other applications. 

So, to get back all the memories and retrieve all the information you have kept safely stored in the VHS tapes, you can get the  players. Get these layers, record or convert the video to the digital format, and never lose them again!