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The memories in the VHS tapes are still intact, and the wish to see them all again is unimpaired too.

For quite a long time, VCRs in the homes were the source of entertainment. People use to record the videos, TV shows, sports matches and kept them to watch later. The VCRs players were a staple appliance of almost every house. However, as the DVD players, HDMI systems, and others came into...

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The kids after 1995 might not have handled a VHS tape and VCR system. But the ones who have handled them, know what impatience and what being patient felt like. How people had to wait for the entire video to rewind and then stop to see if that video part...

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The world is not in a very good position right now. We all are facing a pandemic, and the only way to get through this is by maintaining social distancing. It is the act of keeping as much distance as you can between the people and staying at home as...

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