Those who grew up in the age of Netflix might not be aware of what SCART is. But, suddenly, out of the blue, your granny or dad requested you to play the old VCR tape on HD TV, and you don’t have the slightest idea how the heck in this world I connect that alien technology to the TV? Well, no need to worry. All you need is a SCART to HDMI converter adapter which will give you the much-needed respite.

A SCART to HDMI converter adapter is a device used to connect SCART enabled sources such as VCR and DVD to audio-video equipment such as TV and laptop. You can buy a SCART to HDMI converter adapter on a reliable platform like Electrovid. A SCART to HDMI converter adapter comes with a power cable and adapter to charge it.

Scart to HDMI Converter


What is SCART?

SCART is a 21-pin connector which is used for connecting audio-visual equipment. A SCART connector was the standard connector back in the 1970s in Europe for VCRs and AV equipment. And later due to design, it was adopted everywhere. Back in the days, a SCART was used to connect VCR with SCART output to TV with SCART input. 

Hope, now you will be able to recognize that big SCART output on the back/front of your VCR, DVD or game console. And just for your information, SCART is a short form of Syndicat des Constructeurs d'Appareils Radiorécepteurs et Téléviseurs. It was designed by a French organization, so its name has a French origin.    

What is an HDMI?  

You may be aware of that. It is the same HDMI port which you usually see at the back of your TV as HDMI input. And for the purpose of definition, HDMI is High Definition Multimedia Interface which is used for transferring uncompressed or compressed video or audio data from HDMI enabled source to compatible audio-visual equipment.

What is SCART Cable?

A scart cable is a cable that contains 21-pin male plugs at each end of the cable. It is used to connect a SCART enabled source device to a SCART compatible audio-visual equipment.     

What is HDMI Cable? 

An HDMI cable is a cable used to connect HDMI compatible source to HDMI compatible audio-visual equipment for transferring both uncompressed or compressed video and audio data.     

Now as you are aware both of SCART and HDMI connectors and cables. Let’s talk about how to use a SCART to HDMI converter adapter.

How to use a SCART to HDMI converter adapter?

A SCART to HDMI adapter is quite easy to use. All you have to do is make a few connections, plug a converter adapter to power and you are all set to play your old VCR tapes. 

When you purchase a scart to HDMI converter adapter, a user guide comes along with it. It will guide you in detail how to use it, but just to brief about it, a SCART input coming from a SCART output is connected to the converter adapter. A converter adapter upscales and converts the analogue signal of SCART device to digital for HDMI device. And with the help of HDMI inputs and output converted signals are transferred to the TV or digital equipment.              

Why use SCART to HDMI converter adapter?

There are many reasons why you should consider using a scart to hdmi converter adapter. Here are the following: 

  • It can convert and analogue any SCART device to HDMI digital signal
  • It can convert composite video signal and the FL / FR stereo audio signal to digital HDMI 720P/1080P video and audio signal
  • it supports all analogue signal formats including PAL, NTSC, SECAM, PAL/M, PAL/N etc.
  • It is convenient to use. You just need to plug and play, and you are ready for instant use. You don't need a driver or software to use it.

There are some people who use SCART to HDMI cable to use their SCART enabled device, but it usually doesn't work. The reason behind this is that the SCART to HDMI cable cannot upscale the resolution. Most probable your cable will not work. If somehow it does, it will not be able to provide the image quality. You will not be able to access your old videos or play Xbox on your HD TV in high resolution. That’s why experts always recommend using a SCART to HDMI converter adapter so you can enjoy your old memories in HD on your HD TV.